collection of random thoughts #1

these are actually random twitter threads i made a while back.. yes. i still use the cursed bird app unfortunately. tho ive been using tumblr a bit more often lately. i plan on making another blog post like this with some more random thoughts, ill try to remember to save threads i make in the future so i can share them here as well

Mar 5, 2022
-i am so over hyper-realism in games, have been for years. i could not care less for how shiny or high fidelity your gfx are, please just have good and effective art direction. that's all that really matters for visual appeal
-especially because it always /always/becomes outdated in a few years whereas unique art direction like okami or wind waker is timeless. but anyway this is an old and rote take, all you need to know is i quit playing triple eh years ago and this was one of the big reasons why

Mar 10, 2022 (thoughts on life is strange:true colors)
-the choices in listc (lis3?) so far have been ranging from "do you want to do a good thing or be a complete asshole" to actually interesting dilemmas, there were a few picks i was surprised the majority of players didn't go for
-im also missing a lot more side stuff than i expected which is frustrating but at least i got to kiss a cute boy (thank you deck nine for the equally viable and actually likable romance options)
-to elaborate, the choice between chloe and warren was non existent (lol), i found both cassidy and finn to be extremely annoying, before the storm was just amberfield the game so, yea idk, nice to have a cute fulfilling little romance story within the game, as a treat, just for me 💕
-both steph and ryan are very cute with good chemistry between the two of them and alex, i would say it was a hard choice to make b/c of that but... my pref atm is so heavily skewed towards men, im so sorry steph im sure i would've picked you if i played like 2yrs ago

Mar 13, 2022
-i find it funny that all these '90s anime art style was better!!!' posts don't realize that back then that was the norm, that was what was 'generic'/'samey' at the time. we only see it as charming now b/c of nostalgia. nothing wrong with that! but it's just funny to think about, like even early/mid 00s styles are considered charming and unique now even though at the time people were so sick of it lmao (at least from what i remember)
-"but i like the 90s art styles so much more!! why did they have to ruin it?" homie you know you could just go and watch those old anime if you want to, right?