spring 2023 anime picks

since this is my first post about anime on here i feel like i should add a preface about my tastes maybe? nothing that's not already on my anilit or elsewhere, but what usually matters most to me is emotional investment and/or attachment to the story, setting, most of all the characters. visual appeal and quality of art direction are also hugely important to me, unless a tv series/movie/etc that i find ugly or hard to look at comes HIGHLY recommended (by friends who know my taste) i will most likely skip it

with that in mind, i usually dont pick up that many anime when a new season starts, which is funny because i have picked up TEN whole shows this season? not to say im going to stick with all of them!i do the three episode rule unless im exceptionally bothered or bored. anyway here's this season's anime listed from most to least enjoyed

my most enjoyed

as i am ever predictable, the idol show, the romcom drama, and the josei, are of course my favorites. there is nothing i dislike about any of the above. i have enjoyed every single moment of them and am highly looking forward to the next episodes (not pictured: mahoutsukai no yome s2.. i still havent watched the prequel ova)

intrigued and entertained and yet unsure

not to say i dislike any of these shows, i just have no clue where theyre going? like im def committed to watch them all the way through, the first few episodes have caught my interest (especially oshi no ko holy shit) but there's no guarantee i'll enjoy them all the way through just yet

fun, but i might drop

in the case of demon slayer: im just tired of the battle shonen formula i suppose. it's very shiny and glossy and pretty to look at sure, and all my friends are getting into it right now so i guess that's my biggest motivator to stick with it - as for houkago insomnia, it's cute! seems cozy, slow going, healing, and so on. which are all things i enjoy but i feel like i need to be in the right mood and/or headspace for it? i might be overthinking it tho. im more likely to put it on hold instead of drop it. and for pokemon uuuhh. it's gonna be long. and im scared of that commitment. not to mention the sub group said every single episode release is gonna be 1gb like who the hell has that kind of space to spare

some anime that kinda piqued my interest but not enough to fully pick them up (yet): edomae elf, kawaisugi crisis, the dangers in my heart, otonari ni ginga. if you are watching these please let me know what you think !!

that's it... that's my first seasonal anime update post on my very own neocities website. idk why im nervous about posting this, im also unsure if ill post again at the end of the season with closing thoughts in the same manner but ill probably occasionally post my thoughts on my other socials. the next post will most likely be another youtube video recommendation. thanks for reading!